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Social Media Trends 2023: Staying Ahead of the Curve

You don’t need to be a fortune teller to guess which social media trends are poised to take off in 2023. All you need is data.

Combining performance and consumer preference data can create a vivid picture of the year ahead. We’re not talking about which TikTok audios will blow up in a few months. We’re talking about what’s driving audience behavioral patterns and where your brand fits in the mix

If you’re a part of the majority of organizations that rely on social data daily, you’re already halfway there. In this article, we’ll cover the need-to-know stats driving new social media trends forward in 2023

Let’s dive in.

1. The Era of Edutainment Content

Get ready to have fun while learning because edutainment is no longer just for kids. In 2023, everyone will be jumping on the bandwagon of creating entertaining and informative content.

Last year, fintech brands made a breakthrough with their engaging and informative content that caught the attention of many. Take a look at Chime’s TikTok account for instance, where they balance relatable financial jokes with practical tips on managing money.

With short-form videos gaining more popularity, there’s no better time for educational content to thrive on social media. It’s no surprise that most marketers are now teaming up with content creators to create fun facts, tutorials and explainers. 

Brand Takeaway: This is your chance to demystify common industry misconceptions or provide helpful life hacks featuring your product. Start by going through your FAQs and social messages to find relevant questions or topics for discussion. Then, brainstorm creative ways to address them using TikTok or Instagram Reels.  

2. The Creator Economy Is Set to Bloom

Hold onto your hats, because in 2023, creator and influencer viewership across all platforms is predicted to reach a staggering 10 trillion views per month, according to video analytics firm Tubular Labs. And in 2022, influencer content was watched a whopping 13.2 times more than media and brand content. 

If you’re not utilizing creator marketing in the next 12 months, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity

Brands from all industries are teaming up with creators to boost engagement, build social communities, and tap into new audiences. As the landscape becomes more diverse and focused, more brands will be able to connect with creators who operate within their target market. 

Brand Takeaway: To find your next great creator partnership, start by looking within your own community. Check out your followers, superfans, customers, and partners – chances are you’ll discover a group of individuals with growing audiences who would be thrilled to collaborate with your brand.

3. Businesses to Boost Video Production Investments

Let’s face it: the video is here to stay. 

Gone are the days when businesses could assign video creation as an added task for their social media team. With the average American watching 80 minutes of TikTok daily, it’s clear that video is no longer an emerging trend – it’s an essential part of the social media landscape.

To ensure their brand can make a mark in this new era, forward-thinking companies will invest more in video production equipment and staff. So get ready for some extra hands to help with video editing, direction, and brand storytelling

Brand Takeaway: If the conversation hasn’t started yet, it’s time to advocate for a new team member. Help your management team understand the risks of not expanding your social media team at the right time, and paint a clear picture of the possibilities that come with additional video production resources. 


4. Exciting Metaverse Brand Activations Expected

Metaverse technology is evolving at a rapid pace and it’s becoming clear that it will play a significant role in the future of digital marketing. Brands like PacSun, American Eagle and Klarna have already demonstrated what’s possible with metaverse activations during the 2022 holiday season, and in 2023, over 50% of marketers are planning to invest at least 25% of their budgets in metaverse/AR/VR social media marketing strategy. As brands new to this frontier enter the space, they can gain insights and learn from these early adopters. It’s important for brands to learn how to join the Metaverse now to stay ahead of the curve. 

Brand Takeaway: Learn how to join the Metaverse now to stay ahead. Expect a learning curve and take inspiration from successful brands. 


5. XIAOHONGSHU Will Be a Game-Changer for Brands

XIAOHONGSHU, also known as Little Red Book or RED, is a social sharing application that focuses on user-generated content and serves as a life-sharing platform. Initially launched in Shanghai in 2013, the platform was primarily intended to share information about shopping abroad, particularly for luxury fashion and beauty products. Over time, XIAOHONGSHU has evolved into a broader community where users can share their experiences in various aspects of life, including beauty, fashion, travel, food, education, and more.

It caters to middle and high-end young consumers by encouraging them to post short videos or pictures showcasing their lifestyles. It is comparable to Instagram and Yelp in terms of its functionalities. Through this app, users can become bloggers and share their opinions on various products or services. This feature enables users to access valuable information and tips on the platform. XIAOHONGSHU’s “Everyone is a user, and everyone is a blogger” concept has made it one of China’s most popular and interactive social media platforms.

Brand Takeaway: Overseas brands must be prepared and develop marketing strategies to attract Chinese customers. XIAOHONGSHU is one of the most influential platforms for attracting consumers. This platform has robust interactivity and the user stickiness of it is very high.


6. Legal-Social Partnership Is Crucial for Brands

To stay on top of the latest social media trends 2023, brands need to have a strong relationship between their social media and legal teams. With content formats and memes often using existing intellectual property, the legal team plays a crucial role in preventing copyright infringement risks for brand accounts. 

While it may not be the most thrilling trend in social media, it will have significant implications on a brand’s online presence. 

Brand Takeaway: Review and update your social media governance policy with your legal team. They may suggest cumbersome measures to prevent potential risks, but as the social media experts, it’s crucial to push back and find a solution that works for both teams. This can be a valuable learning opportunity for everyone involved.

Key Takeaways 

Social media is always spiced up by trends, making each work week, month, or year different. That’s one of the best things about working in social.  

To create a strong annual social media plan that incorporates these trends, you can connect with our experts on developing a social media marketing strategy for your brand.

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